Automation and Digital Transformation
Conference & Expo

Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable Future

4-5 September 2023, LE MERIDIEN AL KHOBAR

Mr. Nabil Al Nuaim

Sr. VP Digital & Information Technology at Saudi Aramco

Dear distinguished guests, esteemed colleagues, and respected delegates, 
It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference hosted by the ISA Saudi Section. This conference is a unique opportunity for professionals from various industries to come together and discuss how technology can contribute to a sustainable future. 
As the Chairman of this conference, I am honored to host a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of preserving our planet and creating a better future for generations to come. Our theme, "Leveraging Technology for a Sustainable Future," underscores the importance of using technology to solve environmental, economic, and social challenges. 
I would like to thank our esteemed keynote speakers, moderators, and panelists for their valuable contributions to this conference. Their insights and expertise will undoubtedly inspire and inform our discussions and help us to chart a course for the future of procurement in Saudi Arabia and beyond. 
I would also like to express my gratitude to our sponsors and partners for their commitment and contributions to this conference. 
Finally, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all our delegates and guests, and to wish you a productive and enjoyable conference. We hope that you find this conference informative, engaging, and valuable, and we look forward to the exchange of ideas and experiences. 
Thank you.

Muhammad Al Gahtani
ISA Saudi Arabia Section President
Digital Transformation Lead , Saudi Aramco
Conference Chairman
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The ISA Saudi Section is proud to present the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference, to be held on 4-5 September 2023 at LeMeredian AlKhobar Hotel. This two-day event will provide a platform for professionals to explore how technology can enable a sustainable future and help overcome environmental, economic, and social challenges. 

Join us to discover the latest trends and best practices in automation and digital transformation that can drive sustainability across various industries.

The conference will feature a diverse group of speakers who are experts in automation, digital transformation, and sustainability, including:

  • Industry leaders and executives from various sectors
  • Technology experts and thought leaders
  • Academic researchers and practitioners

In addition to the insightful talks by the distinguished speakers, the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference will provide ample opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing. Participants will have the chance to engage in interactive discussions, attend informative workshops, and explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions showcased by the exhibitors. 

By bringing together a diverse group of professionals, the conference aims to foster collaborations, inspire innovation, and drive progress towards a more sustainable future.

Who Should Attend?

The conference is designed for professionals in various industries who are interested in the intersection of automation, digital transformation, and sustainability, including:

  • Engineers and technologists
  • Sustainability and environmental professionals
  • Business leaders and executives
  • Policy makers and regulators
  • Academics and researchers

Abdullah Al-Nufaii

Engineering Consultant at Saudi Aramco

Chairman of Organizing Committee

Ghulam Rasul

Technical Advisor at Hajaris Arabia

Member of Organizing Committee

Anas Quta

Safety Systems Engineer at Saudi Aramco

Member of Organizing Committee

Tariq Alateeq

Communications Engineer at Saudi Aramco

Member of Organizing Committee

Dr. Soloman Almadi

Senior Consultant in Process Control Systems, Digital Transformation Programs, and Open Process Automations in Saudi Aramco

Chairman of the Technical Committee

Dr. Eid Mohammad Alhajri

Assistant Professor, Author, Consultant and Certified Trainer in Engineering, Technology, Innovation, Self-Esteem, and NLP

Member of the Technical Committee

Dr. Mohamed Bin Shams

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Department’s chair at University of Bahrain

Member of the Technical Committee

Dr. Mujahed Al-Dahifallah

Associate Professor of Control & instrumentation engineering with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Member of the Technical Committee

Khaled Al Blooshi

Vice President, Digital Projects & Innovation at ADNOC

Member of the Technical Committee

Isabel Vidal-Tato

Professor at University of Santiago de Compostela

Member of the Technical Committee

Dr . Dalia Al Eisawi

Assistant Professor and Researcher in Business Technology and Analytics at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT)

Wassim Ghadban

Vice President, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering Engineering & Consulting

Member of the Technical Committee

Mr. Fahad Al Kaabi

Senior Manager Instrumentation & Automation Oman LNG LLC

Member of the Technical Committee

Abdullah Alkhalifah

CEO at Taquein Automation

Member of the Technical Committee

Ahmed A. Mashani

C&A and Telecoms Engineering Lead

Member of the Technical Committee

Hanoof Almarri

Instrument Engineer at Saudi Aramco

Elina Idrisova

Digital Transformation Director at Elevatus

Mohamed Janahi

Head of Automation Engineering at Tatweer Petroleum

Member of the Technical Committee

Fawaz Alsahan

Engineering Consultant & IIoT Leader at Saudi Aramco

William “Bill” Furlow

Senior Manager of Events for ISA

Member of the Technical Committee

Hussain Al-Salem

Industrial control system cybersecurity Engineering specialist at Saudi Aramco

We invite professionals from various industries to submit proposals for speaking opportunities on topics related to the collaboration of automation and digital transformation to achieve sustainability targets.
We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals who can share their insights, expertise, and best practices on the following topics:
  • Process Measurement, Automation and Safety
  • Advanced Process Control and Optimization
  • Automation Standards and Regulations
  • Environmental Data Management
  • Energy Data Management
  • Field Instruments
  • Obsolescence & Life Cycle Management
  • Power System Automation
  • Process Safety
  • Industrial Control Systems Digital Transformation Road maps 
Data Analytic Tools and Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Application Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Twin
  • IIOT “Industrial Internet Of Things”
  • Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity
  • Networking and Wireless
  • Smart Grid Applications and Optimization
  • UAV & Robotics in Industry
Industrial Control System Security
  • Network, Database, and IoT Security
  • Trusted Systems, Risk management and Digital Forensics
  • Supply chain cybersecurity research
  • Intrusion and malware detection
  • Cyber-operations, Response and recovery
  • Cybersecurity curriculum design
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Sponosrship Benifits:
  • The sponsor will be acknowledged by the conference moderator at the start or end of the conference
  • Logo & Company Name in all printings and promotional materials for the event
  • Logo on event website with link to sponsor’s home page
  • Complementary 9 Square Meters exhibition space at prime location
  • Speaking Slot

Exhibition Only: SAR. 25,000 plus VAT
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